Start up Businesses

During the past first term in Business classes we have been analyzing in groups different topics all related to businesses. To do this, we were divided into couples and we each had to develop a presentation full in deep on a topic we were assigned. I got to work with Tomi Borda and our topic was «Start Up Businesses».

HERE you can see some of my classmate’s presentation.
Hope you liked it!

Recruitment and Selection Process

In order to study the recruitment and selection process for a job, our teacher, Juan Pablo, asked us to look for a job advertisement. I chose «Graphic Designer»

  • The name of the company is not stated, but the three biggest graphic designer companies in the UK are Graphic Thought Facility, Pentagram and GBH.


Then we had to design a job specification (the qualifications needed for that job, the experience and the personal qualities).

* 2+ years of working experience in the printing and designing organisation
* A good educational qualification
* Good team working skills
* Excellent communicational and organisational skills
* Wonderful knowledge of InDesign, Illustrator and Photoshop
* Good time management skills

And finally, we had to design a job description (the duties, if the employee will have people in charge and how many, to whom the employee will have to report and ovey commands) and answer the following questions on the feet of the human resource manager.

* Working on digital publication and on events
* Coordinating with the production team, including Editor and sub-editors
* Ensuring the highest standard of the work is maintained
* Preparing very interesting cover pages and internal pages for the magazine
* Handling ad hoc duties

1. Will this job be different from an existing job position or it is a new position?

In my opinion it won’t. It’s just like another graphic designer job position, the only qualification you need to have that might not be that common is the experience required but apart from that is the same.

2. Can existing workers do these duties without hiring someone new?

Although they can, it wouldn’t be healthy for the employees, meaning that they will have to work too much and they will start complaining. Then the company will have to decide rather to deal with unhappy employees and their complains or to hire new employees that would be generally the best option.

3. Would you change anything in the advertisement? Why?

I think the advertising is only missing one point to be complete, and this is the job duration. This is very important because it could happen that someone is very interested in the job position but there are certain hours that he can’t attend because of other personal stuff like studies or maybe another job so it is important in an advertisement to appear the job duration.