Writing «Mrs Bixby and the Colonel’s coat»

We had to do an activity on the story «Mrs Bixby and the Colonel’s coat» in which i had to pretend that I was the Colonel and I am writing to my diary.

Dear Diary:

I am so confused, I have a lot of problems and I don’t feel comfortable with anything. I’ve never loved a person as I loved Mrs Bixby but I had to leave her because I wanted to be something else not just her lover. I saw her only once a month and I really loved her, every time I was not with her I only thought that she was with her husband very far away. I gave her a coat last week and I think that she would call me at least but no, i have not received any call, message or anything I am very upset and I do not know what to think that’s why I leaved her. I hope she is fine now and I wish her all my love to continue her life with her husband.