Sandpiper activity

We read The Sandpiper in class and now we had to watch a video and then answer some questions. [TASK] 

This is the video:

This is the presentation with the questions:

Worksheet #1

  1. The woman is trying to avoid making any pattern on the sand since she doesn’t want to change or disturb nature and she believes that by doing that she is taking control over nature since nature controls all that stuff and she does not want to do that. She describes that to avoid this she walks with the ball of her foots stepping just on the blank spaces free of sand.
  2. This quote is where we realize that she avoids making patterns in the sand to avoid being in trouble with nature or disrespect her.
  3. The balance of the stones is a symbol for the balance she has to do between her two cultures (English and Egyptian). She and her family are all British but her new life and family is in Africa so she has to make this balance between where she wants to be (Britain) and where she is supposed to be (Egypt). The woman describes the balance as very difficult since she has to chose what she doesn’t want to because that is how it’s supposed to be.
  4. The sea is a personification for the protagonist since it shows how it goes backwards and forward, meaning that she is held to her past that she can’t let go and thinks about it everyday while trying to move forward.
  5. This image describes how difficult is for her to adapt to new costumes, a new culture when she wants to be in her mother land and want things to be back the way everything was.

Worksheet #2

  1. She is trying to understand what happened to her husband, why he is so different now, why he changed so much and also how hard it is for her to be the one that has to let go of everything and just adapt to his husband customs, culture, habits.
  2. She feels that her daughter Lucy is not her’s, that she is just of his father meaning that as Lucy grows up she will be part of the Egyptian society but the protagonist will never think Egypt as her home while her daughter will, the same as his father.
  3. She is like isolated since she can only communicate with her husband because of not understanding anyone else.
  4. For 12 years they had been in love and had lovely moments like when they walked in the sunset, or when they were in the park and read the newspaper. All that little things that meant a  lot to her especially now when she realizes what is going on.
  5. When they lived in UK, they read the newspaper, met at the bus stop after work and now all this things  were missed “with no great sense of loss” meaning that it all happened so fast all those things they used to do together vanished suddenly.

Worksheet #3

  1. Through this quotation we understand how different Africa is for her than her native country, UK.
  2. Having the baby was a huge blessing for her, she felt like she wasn’t going to be or feel alone never again like she was feeling lately.
  3. This refers to the protagonist state of mind while being in Africa, she feels sad, lost, depressed, lonely and also feels that her native country is fading away but she doesn’t want to let go.
  4. What the woman is tying to say is that she wants her daughter to be more like her. Lucy is very close with her dad because they share the same customs and activities because he was born and raised in Africa. But the woman feels that she doesn’t have things in common with her own daughter.
  5. She felt completely useless and she felt that she didn’t belong because she didn’t do anything at all, not even domestic work because her husband’s nanny Um Sabir doesn’t let her do anything and tells the woman go to rest so she feels that she doesn’t belong and that she can’t do anything.
  6. The unnamed woman won’t leave Africa nor her husband because of her daughter. She knows that Lucy already belongs so she won’t take her to UK because her daughter will start feeling the same she is suffering now, not belonging. And she won’t leave her daughter because she loves her too much to just go so she prefers suffering herself by staying there than seeing Lucy suffer.

Worksheet 4

  1. This quote explains how horrible she felt because they tell her to go and take a coffe with some friends but she actually doesn’t have any friends and she also doesn’t feel comfortable making friends there especially because she doesn’t speak nor understand the language.
  2. It is describing how comfortable she felt sleeping with the person she loved, Lucy. And also that having her wrapped around her arms was a moment of peace without worrying about anything else, she was just happy.
  3. She felt completely alone and that she had done a lot of things in her life and had studied and worked, and took advantage of every opportunity that came across her but now she felt like her own prisoner that one day will explote and will want to become free.
  4. Egypt now is a place mainly dominated for men. Women are undervalued and there are some cases where as they grow women are excluded from school so that they have less relationships with men and they become very easy to manipulate. Maybe what the protagonist felt was that she was undervalued because of the customs there but where she used to live it wasn’t like that.
  5. Lucy’s relationship with her parents are completely different, with her dad she has an awesome relationship, they share lots of things especially their language and customs, but with her mother they don’t have anything in common still, they love each other a lot and that’s what keeps the relationship going.

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